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ONE-BY-1 is a non profit, charitable organization dedicated to assisting those in need that cross its path in life, and in doing so strengthening them so they can go on. Tax ID 47-3244019


I started ONE-BY-1 after years of donating to various charitable organizations. I realized that I could not help everyone, so I would begin in my area, helping those that ended up crossing my path in life.  I brought my two teenage sons into it as I wanted them to realize the importance of helping others and not always thinking of themselves.  I know what it is to receive, I have raised my two boys on my own for many years, and I know how much it can mean. Our purpose is to help balance lives by assisting those in need who are faced with the struggle of making ends meet at times.  Assistance with an energy bill or groceries or even a car repair not only helps the individual/family make it through a tough stretch, it gives them strength - and with strength we can accomplish so much. one by 1 by 1 ........

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