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Our mission is to encourage poor, high-risk children and parents involved in the juvenile court system to get the help they need to make positive changes. Tax ID 20-4281579




We partner with court-appointed attorneys and social workers who are already being paid by the state to help the poorest children and families but often lack the necessary resources to truly help. These professionals, after identifying something they feel could really make a difference to a motivated parent or needy child, apply to us for assistance.


Ideally we all have family and friends to rely on when we need help and encouragement. Unfortunately there are many people who come from backgrounds where no reliable support networks exist at all and the state has insufficient funds to help them escape the cycle of poverty.


By helping people finally get the assistance they need we can reduce recidivism, thereby making your tax dollars more effective.


Other organizations may provide warm coats, food or shelter to the needy at large. The help we provide however, is far more particular than that. It is geared to the specific needs of the individual who needs help. Court-appointed attorneys and social workers know their clients and only apply to us when they cannot find another agency to help.