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One family's struggle

Organized by: Jacob Gottschalk

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Hello, my name is Jacob, the patriarch of a family of 5, a family who, like so many others these days, has had struggles to make ends meet for years. deciding which bills to pay each month, and sometimes having the electric turned off was normal. but were a tough family, we survive. sometimes through double shifts, sometimes through the help of our friends and family, and sometimes by sheer luck.
But we got tired of barely surviving, so I went back to school, and for 2 years, I came home only to sleep, (i still had to work full time of course), and I came out of it with a degree and I was ready to take on the world. i was going to put in my dues to a company and work my way up. sadly, I think my school may have over exaggerated the job market... here I am, another 2 years later and I am still making way below industry average only now I have tens of thousands in student loans I cant pay. I feared I would continue to struggle to provide for my family.
That is, until now. I got a little proactive and started searching out job opportunities in other markets where the pay is higher, and very quickly, I have been offered a position making nearly four times what I make now...great right? except this job is clear across the country. not to mention I cannot just uproot the family to a strange place with no guarantees and in the middle of the school year. so I need to go to this new city, in Florida for your curiosity, by myself to set up our lives, save some money and find a place for us to live. to do this, i will need a second car. my family has had only 1 car for as long as I can remember. I am not looking to buy a shiny new anything. a used van or suv (because for a few weeks I will probably have to live in it) and to put up a little extra for moving expenses and misc. expenses.

Now, there are a lot of other causes that are more just than my own, so please, if you are torn between me and a little girl with cancer who needs money for medical bills or wants a trip to Disneyworld....donate to her. I dont want to take any money away from someone like that. All I am trying to get is a used car and a little extra

i hate the idea of "mooching" or begging. this platform exists for those who need it and I debated a long time before deciding to try this approach. I have no problem with working for what I need, I have never shyed away from that. I have always been willing to earn. This job oppertunity came faster than I thought possible and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change our family's lives forever. it will end our struggle and put us where we need to be to be successful and a contributing family to society, instead of a draining one. all we need is to cross this last financial hurdle. and I cant do it alone.

Please and Thank you a million times just for hearing me out


Organized by

Jacob Gottschalk

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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