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One Hope

Standing for Justice, Sharing Hope, and Staying Present in Communities Long-Term Tax ID 58-1996497


getAHEAD is a One Hope ministry. One Hope is a non-profit organization (501c3 agency) founded by Rex and Joe Blankenship that has run a variety of inner-city programs in Tulsa for the last fourteen years. One Hope actively combats the devastating cycles of poverty, racism, abuse, and violence in the inner city by specifically targeting at-risk children through relationship-based programs that motivate kids though sports and educational opportunities.  


getAHEAD is a free afterschool tutoring program for students in the McClure Park community of Tulsa. We host over around 60 students each year and are continuing to grow. However, we don't have the space or the funding at this time to accept more students. Please join with us in raising funds to support a larger program in Rose Bowl, keep students and their families off the waiting list, and help us in developing this program to better serve the families of our community. We hope to move to the Rose Bowl to give our kids more opportunities to be involved in sports and other recreational activities after school.