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One Hour for Life aims to promote healthy lifestyles, preventive medicine, and basic emergency education. We currently work both within the U.S. and in Ethiopia, and plan on expanding to other countries in the future. Tax ID 45-3817679


One Hour for Life provides training, resources, education, and continuing support for locally-run health care education programs that are customized to fit local socio-economic needs. Our programs are designed to quickly become self-sufficient and completely headed by local people in order to eventually erase dependency on western donors, including our organization. We believe that when people learn to teach themselves, new levels of understanding and knowledge are acheived. Furthermore, trust and acceptance of such healthcare platforms are far more attainable when being promoted by local people within the population.


Our small NGO was incorporated in late 2011, granted US 501(c)3 status in May 2012, and is now working on planning and fundraising. We are a 100% transparent organization, where donors not only have full understanding of exactly what their donation is used for, but also may be directly involved with location selection, program planning, educator follow-ups, and/or community support.


When you donate through CrowdRise, you can choose where and how you would like your money to be used by donating directly to one of our three branches of fundraising needs: "Ethiopia Platform Fund", "Salt Lake City, UT Platform Fund", and "Startup and Promotional Costs Fund".  We recognize the importance of your decision to donate and will respect your wishes on how your money is used. If you would like to simply donate to One Hour for Life as a whole, without designating a branch, you can donate through the link on the front page of this site and we will allocate the funds to where we feel they are most needed.


We are more than happy to hear ideas and are looking for community/service minded individuals to get involved. In fact, for those interested in contributing to a cause that values economic transparency, limiting our western footprint in developing nations, and promoting change through education, you have come to the right place.


Please visit our website for more information (, follow us on Facebook (, and follow us on Twitter (@onehourforlife). 

Thank you for your support.