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One Job Per Child




Learn. Earn. Lead.

Those three steps could work the developing world out of poverty forever.

Those three steps result in One Job Per Child. 


What is One Job Per Child?

One Job Per Child (OJPC) is a nonprofit organization that empowers teens in the developing world to get an education. Teens working with OJPC get paid for their training, mentorship and tutoring via a web-based platform – the first of its kind. Despite what some may think, child labour isn’t what we’re after. We’re not sending kids to work in coal mines.

We’re getting them to computers. Computers where they can learn in-demand online skills that are employable the world over, and setting them up with job opportunities that earn them more money in a week than in three months. 

How Does It Work?

All one kid in the developing world needs is 180 dollars to work themselves out of poverty forever. With OJPC, that kid can earn 200% of the average wage in their various countries. 

OJPC saw the problem in the existing system of donating: That it didn’t involve the people that donations were supposed to help. Instead, we have partnered with online job-placement companies and educational institutions to provide advanced and efficient services to the developing world, as well as with using its Instructor-Led Solution, aiming to end poverty for each child through permanent employment. 

Our educational modules focus on high-transfer skills, like English language immersion training for the online workplace. We found that these skills would make the student more employable than 80% of his online competitors. 

So how can I help?

Well, you, the donor, are integral to that process. We recognize that. The OJPC Team wants your trust, because this is a collaborative effort. We hope to give you total transparency to see where your money is going, and how well the kids you have helped are doing. You even get to track their progress via our online platform.

So if you would like to donate, just click the button. We and our kids would really appreciate it. Even if it’s just a dollar, every bit matters to us. We'd love to put you on our website's gratitude corner and show you just how much your contribution means to us.

Where can I learn more?

Check out our website for more information, such as how our platform works, our team, and the history of OJPC.

If you have any particular queries, you can direct them to Marie at (PR Director) or Kristin Laus at (Vice President).

Thanks from the OJPC team and kids!



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