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One Laptop Per Child

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March 23, 2011

Laptops like the OLPC XO cost less than printed textbooks, so I started a project, Replace Textbooks, to be hosted at Sugar Labs.  See more



EVENT DATE: Oct 26, 2010

Edward Mokurai Cherlin


Change For a Dollar wrote -

One Laptop Per Child provides laptops to the world's poorest children. The laptops connect the children to the world and to otherwise impossible educational opportunities.

OLPC has five guiding principles:

1. Child Ownership - Each child owns and keeps their laptop.

2. Low Age - The XO is designed for the use of children ages 6 to 12 and is designed so that a child need not know how to read or write to be able to use the computer.

3. Saturation - OLPC aims to reach “digital saturation” in a given population. Be it a country, a region, a municipality, or a village, OLPC's goal is for every child and teacher to own a connected laptop.

4. Connection - The laptops are connected to others nearby automatically. Children in the neighborhood are permanently connected to chat, sharing information on the local network or web, making music together, editing texts, or using collaborative games. The laptop can be charged by solar or mechanical power, or through special bulk-chargers at school. The unique XO display allows the use of the laptop under a bright sun. All of this makes it easy for children in a community to connect to one another almost anywhere.

5. Free and Open Source - All software and content is free and open so that the computer can continue to grow with the children.

Each computer costs $199. We hope to raise enough to get computers for at least two children, but we'd be happy to exceed our goal!


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