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Defeating global famine of God's Word for the Children of the World...especially amid poverty, persecution, and disease. Tax ID 77-0561762


OneMillionChildren (OMC) is an inititive of Gospel Light Worldwide (GLW) a 501(c)3 not-for-profit religious California corporation (#77-0561762), originally incorporated under the name Wordirect. Our mission is to end global famine of God's Word for the children of the world. God has graciously enabled us to be an impact through through building partnerships to utilize Bible-based, culturally relevant teaching resources, books, and curriculum worldwide.

Ministry Focus: Helping One Million Children enter and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, every year in every region we serve. We have ministry partners in 17 countries and under our licensing department, along with international publishing partners in over 50 countries.

Unique Offering: For only $5 per child, we can translate, provide the teacher training, print the appropriate study materials, deliver the lessons and provide evaluation for an entire year.

Why We Exist: The research is robust that nearly 80% of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 14. Gospel Light Worldwide desires to focus on this window of opportunity by partnering with local church leaders in the neediest parts of the world and helping them to reach the children of their nation and help them to enter and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To do this we know we must build a strong, self-sustaining organization that can prosper beyond any leader, great idea, market cycle or well-funded program. Over 50 years ago, the legendary Bible teacher, Henrietta Mears implemented her vision to reach out into the world with Bible-based curriculum.  In 2001, William Greig II, a cousin of Miss Mears and a Bible curriculum publisher, furthered her worldwide vision by founding Gospel Light Worldwide to serve those unfamiliar with the concept of Bible-based teaching, specifically for children. It is the pleasure of Gospel Light Worldwide to place the best possible Bible teaching tools into the hands of teachers & learners around the world, especially the spiritually & financially poor.