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One Mind Institute

Healthy Brains for All Tax ID 68-0359707


Help accelerate cures for brain illnesses and injuries!

Thank you for visiting our One Mind CrowdRise page!

In support of our vision of ‘Healthy Brains for All’ and our quest to accelerate cures for brain illnesses and injuries, we hope that you will support our non-profit by either donating to one of the existing One Mind focused fundraising campaigns listed on this page or that you create a fundraiser yourself naming our non-profit as the beneficiary (we are listed as ‘One Mind Institute’ in Crowdrise). Both options are easy to do and both will serve to provide hope for the millions of people worldwide who are affected by a neuropsychiatric brain illness or injury.  

If you are interested in creating your own fundraiser, be it collecting donations via a special day like your birthday or wedding, participating in an endurance athletic event, hosting any other type of event like a garage sale, game night, or whatever else you have in mind, the only pre-cursor we request is that you email us first to let us know about it to confirm the details. You can also visit our website to learn more about how you can donate to or raise funds for our non-profit. 

We very much appreciate your support - Thank you!

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