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One Mission was created after Ashley Haseotes’ (President and Founder) journey with pediatric cancer. In 2006, Ashley’s infant son was diagnosed with AML – a rare form of leukemia. His diagnosis called for him to be hospitalized for 188 straight days. During the time Ashley and her husband lived with their son at Boston Children’s Hospital, she became aware of the many emotional and financial needs of the families that were not being met by the hospital. After witnessing so many families struggle to make ends meet, Ashley was inspired to start a foundation that would make life better for children and their families living with cancer. Tax ID 26-3741880


One Mission does whatever it takes to help kids fight cancer. We just do it in a different way. Rather than funding long-term solutions like research, One Mission funds programs and services that provide immediate relief from the relentless wrath cancer unleashes every single day. Programs and services that lift the spirits of patients and their families, help the healing and recovery process and make life more livable during treatment and hospitalization. 

When a child is diagnosed with cancer their lives and their family’s lives change drastically. Living with pediatric cancer becomes about more than just the disease itself; life becomes about losing half of the yearly income, shuffling siblings around while you are at the hospital, hefty medical bills, trying to keep costs down despite having to feed yourself three meals a day while living in the hospital, and the list goes on. One Mission was created to help ease those burdens. 

Since One Mission was born, our goal has been simple: do whetever it takes to help kids and their families get through cancer.