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CROWDRISE : Aug 31, 2013
Tax ID: 27-3576001
BASED: Portland, ME, United States



Honor,Hope, Humanity

Open Your Eyes and You Will See.....Open Your Heart and You will Heal.

One Warrior Won (OWW) is a national 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing education and support to past and present Service Members and their families on how to, initially, survive the struggles of PTSd/TBI, find peace in their place of new normal and finally begin to thrive while living a fulfilling life, free from the War that has raged within them.

OWW is also dedicated to bridging the gap of disconnect and misunderstanding between the 93% civilian and 7% Military/Veteran population by educating civilians through our awareness campaigns about the perils of PTSd/TBI and its affects not only on the Veteran/Service Member, but also the entire family.

As one of the most widely known entities calling attention to the plight of primary PTSd,OWW utilizes an edgy and direct approach to confront the issues facing PTSd sufferers and their families.

Uniquely positioned to bring education and awareness to a large audience of both civilian and military/veteran personnel, OWW will renew seemingly lost hope for healing and a brighter tomorrow for Service Members, Veterans and their families by providing a voice for the voiceless and a clear and proven path to healing through a vast network of partnerships and affiliations while eradicating the stigma of PTSd worldwide.

Tax ID: 27-3576001 •


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