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Since 2007, One World Education (OWEd) has been a non-profit leader in improving student literacy and developing engaging curriculum for teachers in DC public and charter schools. OWEd’s mission is to prepare youth to be culturally and globally literate citizens and to improve student engagement and learning through a classroom curriculum built around student writing on culture and global issues. The organization has worked with more than 1,500 middle and high school student writers and has created project-based and test-prep curriculum used by over 300 educators across the city.  

The organization developed two programs, the One World Writing Program and the One World Curriculum, designed to complement each other and respond to clear needs in Washington, DC’s schools, where 88% of students in grades 8-12 write at a “basic” or “below basic” level and 40% of teachers have less than five years of teaching and curriculum development experience. Highlights of OWEd’s program success include:

  • The One World Writing Program has taught 1,600 students to produce exemplary writing; more than any other organization in the Capital Region. Last year’s 520 participating students reported improved writing skills (94%) and new knowledge about a global or cultural issue (94%).
  • The One World Curriculum has over 600 teacher members andis endorsed by local schools, districts, and education organizations. More than 200 teachers have participated in the program’s Professional Development and the organization has also trained almost 50 local teachers as curriculum writers.

One World Education was conceived because students and their teachers in one classroom tried something new. In just a few years, those teachers turned their creative project into a success throughout the Capital Region, consistently praised by students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

From OWEd’s participating students:

“It makes me feel proud of myself, that I was able to accomplish this on my own, with little help. It makes me feel like I have reached out to students just like me and have given them the encouragement they need to stay in school."

“When you learn something from another student it means something more – you think about it differently, you get it.”

"I used my One World Reflection as the draft of my college essay.  It was essentially the same question."

“I feel very appreciative knowing that my writing will be read by thousands of students. I believe that sharing your knowledge and experience with others is a great opportunity.”

And teachers:

“The One World Curriculum engaged my students because they were learning from people their age.  I know I will use this again and again – the class discussion that ensued was exactly why I teach.”

“The students were very much into the writing.  No other writing assignment we have is as much focused on their views and ideas.  It spoke to students who are not natural writers.”

“Engaging curriculum built around student writing and fills a great void.  OWEd provides teachers with standards-aligned curriculum that is easily integrated into planning and classroom activities.”