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OneWorld Now! is an award-winning and innovative social venture that exists to develop the next generation of global leaders.   OWN is committed to providing critical language skills, leadership training and study abroad opportunities to underserved youth.  We are innovative in that we are one of the only programs in the nation that:

  • Spends at least one year preparing youth by providing language and leadership training to ensure their success abroad
  • Focuses on providing access to study abroad opportunities to mostly low-income youth and students of color
  • Teaches strategically important languages, such as Arabic and Chinese, which are not typically offered in American public schools
  • Offer an integrated and holistic program of language, leadership and study abroad

OneWorld Now! is developing global leaders by supporting our youth in being successful in all areas of their lives.  Beyond the language, leadership and study abroad program, OWN supports youth through mentorship, college prep and networking for scholarships, internships and career opportunities.  Our passionate and committed staff, teachers and volunteers reflect the OneWorld Now! students, who inspire us every day.  Together, we are all working towards creating a world that acknowledges how we are all connected and all responsible for  each other’s well-being.  We are…OneWorld…and the time to contribute positively is Now!.