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ISF is a phenomenal organization. In hopes of helping them reach their goal of creating an Animal Sanctuary, I would like to raise some funds! Please share this with your friends and help make a difference!

ISF Animal Sanctuary:
Yep--you heard right. We want to open an Animal Sanctuary! While we have tremendous love for all the existing animal sanctuaries, we are aiming for something a little different. ISF intends on creating a safe haven for all the outcast animals that have been neglected, mistreated and ultimately misunderstood. Some may see the potential in an abused animal as ending at the animal's personal rehabilitation. In our eyes, this is just the beginning. What if ISF provided opportunities for these misfits creatures to continue their emotional journey alongside others who were hurting from a life filled with dejection?

Through the art of compassion, the continuously devastating issue of bullying in our country could be approached in an intensely impactful manner that encourages healthy relationships. We know in our hearts that animals and bullies share common emotional baggage. For example, an abused and neglected pitbull has the power to transform a school bully into a compassionate leader with a shift in benevolent consciousness. While both the dog and the bully are refused the opportunity to demonstrate their true potential within their daily lives, a healing and educational journey side by side has the power to manifest massive changes in perspective. We will bring the bruised together as a family to learn just how unique--and just very the same--we all are...and how if we unite...we are NOT the outcast, we ARE the UNSTOPPABLE. We believe in the understanding that all living creatures deserve dignity, love, compassion and the right to life. If you support this understanding as well, and you see the potential in bringing together kids and bullies into an environment where their hearts can grow and flourish, we need your support to make this happen. Please help us create the funds necessary to establish this haven. We plan to responsibly raise 5 million dollars towards this goal--we promise to keep you informed on the amount we raise.

Let's be the fit for the misfits!
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