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August 01, 2012

Goats getting old waiting 4 LB 2 join 21st century food revolution. Please help support ouur cause.  See more
Donna Founder/Director Long Beach Grows


Dinkey and Bumper have been in exile since the Winter of 2009.

They are two female Nigerian dwarf goats that I purchased in Fresno and brought to Long Beach with the idea of teaching myself, my family and my community about getting back to the basics with small scale animal husbandry. However, soon after the animals were home, Long Beach Animal Control started harassing us. Read about it here:

“It seems that drug dealers have greater protections than urban farmers growing food for their personal consumption and for the safe wholesome education and entertainment of their family and friends.”

So I launched a campaign to petition the City of Long Beach to change the municipal code to allow egg-laying poultry and goats with fewer restrictions than are currently on the books. We have over 1500 signatures.

The city’s Sustainable City Commission is on board. See the research that I presented to them on December 1, 2010: But it took the city until October 18, 2011 to start even considering the proposed changes. It seems like the City of Long Beach wants to reinvent the wheel and is in no rush to do so.

In the meantime, my goats have been in exile, house-hopping from one foster home to another, making occasional public appearances to educate the public on the benefits of urban agriculture for the past 2 years, at various public events such as the Earth Day celebration at LB City College, the Green LB Festival in downtown LB, and at New City Schools events as in the photo.

Ultimately, I hope that my work will help it so that anybody in the city who wishes to raise goats for pets and/or milk will be able to do so without all the headaches and heartaches that I have had to endure.

In addition, goats should be welcome additions to community gardens and urban farms like those we are building. We hope to teach people how to take good care of their dairy goats, how to get milk out of them and how to use their delicious milk to feed their family. I hope that you will help us make this happen while we wait for the city of Long Beach, California to wake up and join the 21st century, to do what’s right by allowing people to achieve personal food security in this small way, to become sustainable “in deed as well as in action.”

Your donations will help us improve the lives of our city goats while we teach our community about urban agriculture & small scale animal husbandry. Your donations will help feed and house our goats, keep them healthy, and hopefully breed them someday. After all, that’s what it’s all about, to get goat milk. It would have been easier to skip the goats and just buy the milk at a grocery store, but where is the fun and learning experience in that? Maybe I'm crazy, but I can't wait until their coming out party. It would be so nice to take them on regular walks for exercise, and to show them off at public parades!

● Alfalfa hay for two goats for 1 year: $600

● Goat panels & a gate to enclose the goats' space: $400

● Wood & other supplies to build a goat hutch: $200

● A stanchion, stand, & ramp to control the goats while grooming & milking: $503

● Conjugal visits for two goats: $200

● Birthing supplies: $250

● Yearly blood tests & vaccinations: $200

● Veterinary care: If you know a veterinarian in Long Beach willing to doctor goats for a reasonable fee, please let me know.

We'll need other things too, but this gives you some idea.

Any amount raised in excess of our anticipated goat budget will go towards advancing the mission and vision of Long Beach Grows.

From my website: “I hope that my audience will include people like me that wish to provide better for their families, policy-makers so that they can make decisions based on facts rather than on misinformation, misconception, or prejudice, and anyone who wishes to learn more about the benefits of backyard urban agriculture and other activities that enhance and grow our communities by ensuring local food security.”

Donna, Long Beach Grows, Growing a more sustainable future, or at least trying!






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For Laura, a goat's best friend :-) 8 years ago

In tribute of my own two Nigerian Dwarf urban goats, without whom I would be most saddened. I hope Dinky & Bumper get to come home soon! 8 years ago



8 years ago