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Ontime Print Pro specializes in more than just customized screen printing. Invested in our community and the betterment of the quality of life for the residents of that community, we are committed to creating a dynamic workforce movement that aims to inspire, train and motivate. Getting jobs to those who need them, our goal is to foster individual and societal growth in significant and meaningful ways. So while utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques in screen printing and apparel print design, we are also, even more importantly, creating a substantial job market for a number of populations. Our goal is two-fold: provide products and services of the highest caliber and also train those who are in need of a job so that they might effectively transition into our team. Veterans. A very real problem in the country today, is vet unemployment rates. A national report put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nearly 500,000 veterans were unemployed in 2015. Think about it, almost half a million men and women who’d served their country and fought for freedom were unable to procure jobs here at home. In terms of age, the breakdown is as follows: 57 percent were age 45 and over--about 37 percent were age 25 to 44--and 5 percent were age 18 to 24. Ontime Print Pro has a plan to get these veterans back in action and help them learn a trade skill that will translate to a great job with our company. Building top notch veterans through training, mentorship who have been great asset to our nation. The success after transitioning from the military to entrepreneurship is the best way to become more marketable for employment in print industry. You will be involved in the 3 core areas of training in which you will be held accountable 8/12 week training program in these areas. We will garner the leadership skills, discipline, that have already been instilled through military service will allow you become marketable in the print industry & become an owner of your printing operation through 12 week training. Apprenticeships, though fairly common in the United States years ago, have seen a drastic decline over the past few decades. The concept is simple and straightforward: learn in-demand skills as part of an on the job training program. Successfully complete this program and you not only have acquired valuable workforce experience but you have a secured job as well. Ontime Print Pro, in response to the current economic climate, to exorbitant tuition costs, and to a somewhat stagnant job market, is seeking to implement just this apprentice idea into its company infrastructure. Build a strong and vibrant business based upon the ideals of quality products, excellent service and an apprentice-based employee training program--these represent our goals.As this is a relatively new endeavor, we will oversee the whole project and thus minimize our operating costs. Therefore, the director, Jeffrey Taylor will be managing all of the operations of Ontime Print Pro. Mr. Taylor will be focusing on the operation itself, dealing with the enquiries, handling marketing efforts and working to recruit a viable labor force. The bulk of the employees will be from either the veterans, high school/college-aged youth sector seeking to reintegrate into the workplace, and those previously unemployed now seeking full-time work. The goal is to educate, train and establish these folks as a dynamic and qualified Ontime Print Pro team. The premise is simple…offer great products and create a team behind those products by capitalizing on the strengths of the community. We believe that this idea has the chance to succeed and flourish in any region. Particularly interested in targeting communities in Texas and Louisiana as we think these offer great opportunities for future expansion of this program, Ontime Print Pro is poised to create growth. Through the various marketing channels implemented, we will promote the company as an advantageous economic / business / job creation plan for other cities and towns. Jobs are made, economies improve, unemployment rates decrease, and everybody wins. - Take Texas for instance, in 2015 the overall number of jobs increased and yet ironically the unemployment rate also increased to 4.7%. Perhaps this is because the labor force does not necessarily meet the criteria of the new jobs created. Ontime Print Pro looks to rectify just this type of discrepancy with its jobs initiative. In the state of Texas, 4.3% of the unemployed labor force was comprised of veterans, and another 7.3% of that unemployed labor force consisted of those who either dropped out of high school or graduated but opted not to attend college. This is where Ontime Print Pro’s strength lies--in bolstering, educating and training just these types of populations. - Similar numbers underlie Louisiana’s employment outlook. 4.6% of their unemployed labor force was composed of returned vets, while in New Orleans alone more than 26,000 16-24 year olds, considered opportunity youth (defined as those who could add great potential to their communities and yet are neither in school or employed), are currently without jobs. Louisiana is thus another important area that we will target in our mission to bring more jobs via the burgeoning screen printing industry to areas in need of precisely this type of apprentice-based program. - Post Katrina, the labor market in Louisiana has shown only a short term negative impact, as the manner in which all rallied around the beleaguered state helped energize job growth shortly after the levy breech. What the statistics also how though, is that those who did lose a job and consequently remained unemployed were predominately minority youth (approx. 15%) who did not have access to college or secondary education of some sort. We shall target this community and show them that through Ontime Print Pro’s unique apprenticeship program, there is work for them and they do have a chance at a healthy job opportunity. 1. Facility. In an effort to maximize our potential, we will be looking for affordable and ample space to set up business in the Carson, CA area. We are searching for approx. 3500-6000 sq ft of warehouse and/or industrial use space. Given initial research into real estate costs in the area, we will estimate that rental costs will be in the $2500-3500.00/ month range. 2. Equipment/Inventory. In order to best service our clientele we will need to invest in the following: garment printer, computer, software, pressure wash station, tables/works stations, and any other necessary pieces. Additionally, we will purchase the t-shirts in bulk. We estimate projected costs for the above items at $500,000. As you cans see, our mission is not simply to create the best quality printed apparel in the region, our mission is also to accomplish such an endeavor while leveraging the resources that we have right here in our community, those capable, intelligent and skilled veterans who, while they may not currently be employed, have the capacity to shine once given the opportunity. I thank you for this opportunity to present our proposal. 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