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Ham's Plea: keep them On Your Mind

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BENEFITING: The Hunger Project

Sophia Li


Common First World Problems:

"My laptop's dying, but my chargers in the other room."
"If my ripped jeans keep ripping, I'll have to buy a new pair of ripped jeans."
"There's no food in the fridge; there's only a bunch of ingredients to make food with."

Sounds like you or someone you know?
Well, let's temporarily place aside your silver-lined tears (oh no! did they run out of gold at Neiman Marcus?), and talk about how this moment someone is dying due to idiotic reasons such as hunger, treatable medical, and most importantly: the lack of help from blameworthy bystanders like YOU (POINTS AT YOU).

At this moment, you can either bathe in ignorance your guilty non-actions or you can (and I'm saying please) donate 5 dollars. 5, that's all I'm asking. Trust me, a man who can't afford surgery to remove a tumor needs that honest Abe bill far more than you. Donate 1 if that is what you can only afford. Donate 10 or 20 if you can afford more. However, if your car happens to be a Ferrari, Porsche, Tesla, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW etc., then you better be giving 100+. 

Keep the underprivileged on your mind and spread the word, so everyone can participate in creating the future of tomorrow. Claim your responsibilities as a human being and rescue others trapped below barriers crushable by only teamwork. Together, let's save lives.

All funds collected from this fundraiser will go directly to the cause.
P.S. This fundraiser is named after my beloved guinea pig, Mahogany "Ham" Li, who always made sure his siblings got enough to eat before eating himself.
R.I.P Hammie

Sophia Li



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