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Our mission is to provide services that support, educate, respect, honor and empower women and their families from pregnancy through birth and into early parenting. Tax ID 91-1868021


Why focus on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum?

  • Positive social and educational support during this time can have a tremendous impact on the health and well-being of new mothers and their families.
  • Research shows that women who have doula support have fewer complications such as C-sections, lower rates of postpartum depression, and are more likely to breastfeed.
  • When a mom receives good support during birth and early postpartum, she’s more likely to attach well to her baby — and this decreases the risk of infant mortality and early child abuse and neglect.
  • Parent-child attachment is an essential element in creating a solid foundation that ensures that the child will thrive in his/her learning and readiness for kindergarten and beyond.

Why Open Arms?

Open Arms’ services:

  • Reduce medical interventions and the costs of perinatal care.
  • Provide education about pregnancy, birth options, breastfeeding, and positive early parenting.
  • Increase awareness and personal advocacy skills, which set the stage for new mothers to be empowered, confident, and strong advocates for their children and families.
  • Remove barriers by acting as cultural navigators through providing culturally competent links from community to the health care system.