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December 05, 2011

Want to help Haitian Teen girls know Christ's light? Interested? read more under "Here's the story" and donate please  See more
Ellie Sonnenberg


As the Christmas season begins my friends and I want to think less about recieving and more about giving.  When we are so blessed here, we feel that it is very important to help those who really need it and share Christ's light in the process, and want YOU to be a part of this awesome project as well. My friends and I have teamed up to work with SUSIE magazine and The Global Orphan Project to raise money to support teen girls living in the Saintilus Village, a children’s village in the Gonaives region of Haiti.

Many of my friends have passionate hearts for people who can be shown Christ's light, and several are passionate about going into missions, myself included. By helping these orphaned girls, they will have a safe place to live and won't have to get caught in slavery and prostitution. They will have a safe place to get back on their feet and most of all, they will have a place to learn about Christ, His compassionate love and desire for them and the sacrifice He made for them.

Anna Lipscomb went to Haiti when she was 11, and is now continuing to work to help these girls. She has worked with orphans and learned that "the kids I met were just like me. They love to play, have a good time, laugh. I was amazed at the joy they had. These kids had been given more than food and a place to live through the GO Project. They had been given Jesus.”

Here is a link to a song she wrote about her experience, and a video with pictures of her project. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxluUKzpB3U

Whatever you can give would be so much appreciated, prayers as well! These girls will be shown Christ's love for them with your generosity, and spiritual support.

To donate go to http://www.crowdrise.com/susieMagazine and click the donate button, then click Open Her World Susie Mag Fundraiser, under teams.

The fundraiser contest ends December 31.

As Anna’s song says, “Won’t you join with me, and have a heart for Haiti, a heart that reaches out to those in need. You can pray, you can give, of your time or treasure, and whatever you give is joy you’ll receive.”

Thank you so much and Have a blessed Christmas!

Ellie and Friends.

Visit the Open Her World website at http://www.openherworld.com

Visit the Global Orphan Project website at http://theglobalorphanproject.org/


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