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April 19, 2012

Donate o finanziate il mio progetto “Open Source Point ©”  See more


Valentino Francesco Mannara


The project called "Open Source Point ©" comes from the desire and initiative to spread the open source software everywhere.

And 'whole new idea in computer science.

Specialty stores where they will be used for most of the time, only open source software, proprietary software with a few exceptions for specific needs and / or advice or services of various kinds.
Not the usual computer store, where they provided professional advice or assistance is provided and where the best hardware / software, not the usual internet point, not the usual ad agency, where services are provided creations and graphic arts Web sites with more or less complex services.
Merging different areas of information technology into one.

The project stems from the idea of ​​wanting to merge all these areas of information technology (above) into one, which is just using open source software (for most of the time) and then to foster best solutions tailored to the client and this work with the open source code of such software. Services will be the main fact:


  • advice and assistance in software
  • Internet point with Open Source Software
  • Graphic and Printing Service
  • Web Agency, in fact functions of graphic designs and web sites from simple to professional e-commerce sites including
  • dissemination of open source software on a large scale through our promotional material, such as CD, DVD, pendrive containing Linux and all software needed this and much more

This center (or store) will also act as an internet point utlizzando a distro GNU / Linux to allow customers to surf safely by ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of their data, which is absolutely not possible with Windows. So making those computers at the same time serve to demonstrate the effectiveness of open source software as opposed to expensive proprietary software and unprofitable.

These centers will be the first in history to provide a direct contact with people that will allow them to learn effective at all that nobody knew until now, namely that there are very valid alternative and that, because of unscrupulous business by proprietary software companies, many do not know.
Unlike proprietary software, in fact, the problem related to security, stability, and various issues are resolved promptly with the help of developers and programmers around the world who, by profession, passion or otherwise make available their time and to improve their skills in such software.

Especially in Italy too, where misinformation and ignorance in their innovative and technological ramp, you must then take an initiative like this precisely. Until now people have been prevented to choose. As with our project allows anyone to be in a position to choose what to use and what not to use without the audience is constantly manipulated by a ruthless publicity he wants to keep people ignorant of other things much better, especially in these times of crisis. Just because there's a crisis it is not right and proper that they should shell out money doing fine ... debts even when they have the opportunity to save at least 40% to 60% due to the absence of proprietary software that we know.
This solution allows, therefore, to have full efficiency not only in the private sector but also to business and government.
Public administrations are indeed very large in this area, there are often big problems with their computers blocked by viruses, software malfunctions of various types and the poor training (or none) of state employees on new technologies and / or use of appropriate computer resources.
What the law says about the solutions in the Public Administrations (referred to as "PA"):

With the financial maneuvering "Save Italy", the government Mountains, the public sector will be required to consider the Open Source (Free Software) among the possible choices.
It was approved in the Budget and Finance of the House, an amendment which obliges public bodies to evaluate the use of free software in their notices. The battle was the proponent of radical Marco Beltrandi with the secretary of Agora Digital Luca Nicotra.

It 'should be clarified that the law passed is not an obligation but simply widens the range of choices.
Article 29-bis - Introduction of the use of free software in government offices to reduce costs of public administration:

The letter d) of paragraph 1 of Article 68 of the Digital Administration Code, referred to
Legislative Decree of 7 March 2005, n. 82, is replaced by the following:
"D) acquisition of computer programs belonging to the category of free software or open source. ';
This is an important step, considering the fact that before today the Free Software was not even considered.

Many hope that this is only a step towards the 'exclusive use of Free Software in the Public Offices.

The adoption of free software, reminiscent of the promoters, it means more freedom of exchange of material elements, free movement of knowledge, know-how and information in general.

It is part of the government line Mounts for containment of public spending.
Currently the Italian primarily uses Microsoft software that require a license to pay.

For example, for a computer in a school will spend about $ 100 just for programs (Windows, Office).

Open source, however, works like the other systems but it is free.

It is estimated that the transition from Microsoft Office to Open Office (open source), an average of 4500 computers, can result in savings of around one million euros.
A practical example: The Province of Bolzano (see movie Reports) save with about 500,000 inhabitants (just for the audience) over 1,000,000 per year.
The Sicily Region has approximately 5,000,000 inhabitants, therefore, only the public could also save 10,000,000 per year!

The description is taken from the website of the Law Firm Lawyer Calogero Lanzarone
Memphis | Palermo Agrigento Sicily.
Who benefits from these professional services.

Professional services of this type will be available for everyone, not only for governments but as mentioned above will be available for private individual, for schools and businesses who often have more demanding needs of low-cost appropriate solutions.
Especially the licenses of Microsoft software also weigh significantly on the finances of ordinary people and prevents them to choose which OS to use when buying a new computer because Windows is always preloaded, but proved to be a totally unfair business practice undertaken by Microsoft itself, in partnership with computer manufacturers.
Now things have changed, you can buy the computers on the Internet with "FreeDos", ie without Windows and a basic system without allowing costs to install any operating system based on GNU / Linux.
Is therefore also provided advice to the customer for the purchase of a computer, if desired as described above without the presence of Windows benefiting from a lower cost of the computer (from 20% or 40% less) as the license Microsoft Windows is part of the final price a computer.
Remember that open source software like GNU / Linux is a kernel, the heart of an operating system is immune to viruses and is updated continuously and free of charge, allowing customers to have an operating system totally securely and without additional cost for maintenance as it does with Microsoft Windows, can be instead that customers need to learn to use the new system based on Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE, etc..) and then in that case a service is provided assistance / advice, even if these systems are simple and functional Windows.
This new initiative will also show an unprecedented efficiency.

Recalling also that the vast majority of traditional computer stores occurring episodes of dishonesty such as the maintenance is not performed or incomplete due to lack of competent and qualified staff, which is unfortunately also happens to provide customers with counterfeit software, operating system in the first place, resulting in problem of viruses and system instability due to lack of updates since Windows crashes this service in case of software obtained illegally although there are ways to make Windows as if it was original, however, is always an illegal act resulting in heavy penalties, which mainly affect companies and various businesses.
The problem described is one of the many roots of the illegality present in Italy and which is also part of the problem of tax evasion.
Some common problems

What mentioned above is just one of many problems, in fact, customers often find themselves in distrust of our service or rely on the classic friend a little 'more aware of them hoping that the latter performs a service for more Free, professional quality because they are rightly fed up with having to pay each time the same problem persists even mentioned in the service centers.
It 'clear that, in addition to the damage created perhaps by their own misuse of computer resources, the client is emotionally and financially exhausted.
In summary: the project "Open Source Point ©" can help to contribute significantly to finally resolve these customers "wounds" caused by:

exorbitant costs of software and hence the spread of counterfeit software,
tax evasion due to the problem mentioned before,
system instability and viruses caused by the misuse of computers and the system owner, along with any included software.

Then the project will be a new franchise that will begin in Italy and then abroad. So let other software professionals, and not open to create these centers and with a good education you can earn through the Open Software exclusively selling the only professional services without paying for the software. In this way everyone can finally see the immense benefits of Open Source with the advantages of convenience, stability, security and above all freedom of choice through a proper consultation and information provided in a professional manner.
Why choose the solutions proposed in the "Open Source Point ©".

There are all possible reasons to choose our solutions and then try to benefit the customer, simply if the latter any failure to professional integrity against us, the work and the revenue would be less legitimate, otherwise no one would trust more than we.

Because we believe that there is no gain with the dishonesty we believe in absolute honesty is without any shadow of doubt, the best policy both in training and in everyday life.
Everything should be logically combined with solid work ethic and well formed, without prejudice to any software or other and therefore devoid of any person as not competent and ruthless.
For example, a customer asks us to obtain a truly safe and easy to use.

We of course we evaluate the real needs of the client and presents an overview of the software we offer and which correspond to the wishes or needs of the client, with the added benefit that will be the lowest possible cost, often with the sole expense of maintenance rather than software often is free as free software or open source, but still legal in all respects with the license to the software itself is often governed by the GPL. Read about the GPL:
A occazione for all experts in computer science and Open Source.

Since the project "Open Source Point ©" is a franchise, all experts in computer science and technology will have the option of joining with an annual fee to be determined, however, will be combined with the strict controls on the real professional preparation of prospective franchisees and will be evaluated based on their reliability and honesty (very basic requirements to ensure top service), then the candidates will be required to follow these checks if they want to be recognized as affiliates.
The fee will include:

graphic material, with their personalized advertising data and that each affiliate will be responsible to print their own,
professional website customized for each affiliate with the sample address:
e-mail address certificate (PEC, compulsory according to art. 16th, co 6 of Decree Law No 29 November 2008. 185) customized to the affiliate: eg.,
trademark rights for the "Open Source Point ©" since it is a brand that is only given in concession (just because it is protected by copyright) recognized as an affiliate,
area of ​​expertise, because each affiliate will exercise its activities in a given area so as not to conflict with other centers "Open Source Point ©"

The benefits mentioned above are plausible enough to keep those who want to affiliate with us, and promote open source software and provide customers with what rightfully is the ultimate solution to the problems of misinformation in our country with technological solutions really beneficial in economic and perfect legality.
The biggest problem in Italy, in computing, it is precisely the problem with the licensing is very often not regular.
While open source software with all these issues, resulting in legal technicalities, is not finally resolved and would provide a high level of service with reduced operating costs dramatically.
Every expert in any "Open Source © Point" will be pleased to provide customers the information they need and tailored to your needs, then that customer has finally the opportunity to choose the software and is no longer only ever imposed on software payment as has always happened.
The "Open Source Point ©" undertake to save and then freeing the customer from unnecessary licensing costs, unnecessary costs of various anti-virus protection and when the Linux-based systems are virtually immune to threats of various kinds, unnecessary costs of maintenance continuous.
In reality there is always profit, because often the client will learn to use new software and then will be offered a short training and / or assistance to learn how to use it, although free software is much easier and more secure than proprietary software.
The gains will come also from other services to be offered as a service of the Internet point, whose computers will only use open source software from the operating system that is based on Linux, thus providing security, speed and guarantee the privacy of the customer without and second to no other existing internet point.
They can also connect to other computers over Wi-Fi, thus providing each mobile device can surf at high speed dial Fastweb fiber-optic or HDSL or SHDSL technology, then the operator will be preferred in case of problems, but we cover you can turn to other operators of fixed telephony and data services.
They will also be offered the services of graphic designs and web agency, focused precisely to create websites for businesses, non-profit corporation and another according to the demands of the customer.
After all: open a "Open Source Point ©" does not deprive the owner of the project will gain the right to legitimate its affiliates, in other words not just a job but a professional quality service to public utilities, which will bring clear benefits to everyone, customers and service providers "Open Source Point ©".
There is therefore every reason to open a can and get the funds they need to start that business, and so benefit from European funds, private equity financing or some kind of investors who are always willing to believe in the project but it is of undoubted benefit for everyone and a safe investment given the novelty of the project.

Inform one that the users and the project logo shown above was made in January 2012 under Copyright, then any commercial you want to imitate the action even if only in part will be prosecuted. It also does not have all the details of the project described in this page, many other things are made in a confidential private document.

We published our project to expose our commitment to a new initiative ever attempted in Italy so far and that would allow a true technological evolution that goes from the private to the smallest and largest company, the local administration to the most important nationally, up from public to private schools and universities.

However, although we are providing the first center to open "Open Source Point ©", we found a clear need for funds and we are arranging to visit atraverso banks or other finance company. The initiatives undertaken by the Italian State to have any form of loan are often unreliable for long delays that inevitably end up in a negative way.

So we decided to solicit funds to investors or the public Internet through donations on Paypal or by bank transfer or by Postepay.

To start the project must achieve at least the sum of € 25,000.00 (twenty-five euros), possibly even reach the figure of € 30.000,00 (thirty thousand).

This money will be used for structural expenditure and the computer equipment we need, in addition to various legal operations of various kinds. Below we report our financial information to receive your donations and the contact person responsible for the project, remembering to indicate the causal payment. It is also possible to request information or private way to establish a contract or agreement for erogarci any loan, because you can also provide these funds with an interest rate that you set within legal limits.

Here are our financial data:

Donation or loan through Bank transfer specifying the reason in favor of Marmora Valentino Francesco, Banco di Sicilia (Unicredit), IBAN: IT 24 V 01020 32 974 062 258 738 121 - Bic/Swift: UNCRITXXXXX
Donation of Charter Genius of Unicredit (always headed to Mannara Valentino Francesco) number: 5264 3091 5883 7323
Donation on behalf of Marmora Postepay Valentino Francesco, card number: 4023 6005 5683 7757



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