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Operation Appreciation has had the privilege of assisting many soldiers and their families over the past 4 years. We have seen joy, hardship, fellowship, sacrifice and community support beyond our wildest imaginations! I encourage you to visit the Operation Appreciation website and FaceBook page to view a sample of the good work OpA has done and will continue to do. www.operationappreciationga.org

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Operation Appreciation has been supporting our troops since 2010. We have had the privilege of supporting many soldiers and families over the years and are passionate about locating resources that are available to our troops.

Compared to the “Big Army” being in the Guard often has family members and many times even the soldiers unaware of the support system and benefits that are available to them.  The families are spread out across the state and when the soldier deploys the family members can be left with anxiety and a feeling of loneliness and isolation.  Experience proves that if it can happen…..it will happen during the deployment.  By working with the Family Readiness Groups (FRG), rear detachment liaisons, chaplains, family members, volunteering and much more we are able to provide unique support without the red tape.  Operation Appreciation is in a unique position to find resources and immediately assist in whatever capacity is needed.  Our mission is to locate and support the units, soldiers, projects and/or their immediate family members in the Georgia Guard (both Air and Army) who need special consideration for assistance. Once a need is verified for a soldier or their family we will set up fundraisers, find donations, bring community awareness and uncover available resources to help them.

Operation Appreciation has had the privilege of assisting several families during vulnerable times of loss, tragedy and heartache.  When your family is suffering, finances are the last thing you need to worry about.  Being creative in fundraising takes away the financial burden and allows the soldier to concentrate on their family.  Operation Appreciation operates through volunteer work within our community. Participating in the community with special events, fundraisers and volunteering is the traditional "grass roots" way of finding the needs of our families, neighbors and friends. Involving others creates strong bonds and leads for helping the community grow.  Without bricks and mortar, salaries, insurance, web design/development, legal and all of the other expenses that come with a building and employees – 100% of every dollar goes to our troops.

God bless America!