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Organized by: Mindy Moser

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There is a distinctive need for legal services for our current and past military members that must be all encompassing and resolute.

I am tenacious when it comes to advocating for all of our military members present and past and their families legal needs.

As a volunteer for the Veterans Legal Clinic at the Veterans Resource Center, I have learned what works best when I meet with military members...

Rule #1 Always go to the person who needs help. This is the Golden Rule...

Rule #2 Smile when you call their name and say, “Nope I’m coming to you.” Who knows the last time someone has smiled and said to them, “You don't need to get up, I’m coming to you.”

Rule #3 Shake their hand and put them at ease right away by saying “First of all, I’m not an attorney so I cannot answer any legal questions you have. What I can do is make sure your paperwork is filled out correctly and get you to the right attorney who can assist you in your legal needs.” Then listen to them tell you their story and ask you legal questions.

For answers to any and all following rules… see Rule #1, #2 and #3

As a volunteer for the Veterans Legal Clinic at the Veterans Resource Center, I have learned what works best when giving a crash course to the volunteer attorneys, support staff and law students...

Rule #1 Make sure everyone knows they can’t screw it up!

Rule #2 Make sure the volunteer staff is comfortable. Put at ease any fears they may have about meeting with our military members. Why? Because they can’t screw it up!

Rule #3 Make sure volunteer staff knows to interrupt you no matter what you’re doing with any questions they might have. Why? Because they still believe they can screw it up and they want to make sure they get it done right. Love this about volunteer staff!

For answers to any and all following rules… see Rule #1, #2 and #3

When it comes to truly providing a lasting resolution to the issues at hand for our military members I have found what works best is…

Rule #1 Make sure the attorneys who counsel the Veterans on their legal issues at the clinic understands just how important they are… This is the Promethium Rule

There is only one rule when it comes to this part of the clinic...

A recent example of actual actions on my part was when I an attorney asked me, “What happens after we meet with them?” I said to him, “I can't guarantee they (Veterans) receive the help they need once I get their case back to the office. My greatest hope in resolving the issues the Veterans are facing is you. Right here, Right now, you are my best chance at helping these Veterans by agreeing to represent the case you just heard." I then said to him, "It's my hope you get the warm-fuzzies from this clinic and will keep coming back for more and in turn help more Veterans” As he listened to my answer, he got it! The look on his face was a moment I wish I could freeze in time. In that moment, he understood how important he truly is and then he offered to represent the client he counseled during intake.

What I need to start my own clinic… I need help in defining what it is I will need to make this dream a reality. So far this is what I have come up with in regards to what I think I will need for me to get this off the ground…

1. I need to be able to have a central location in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex accessible by Dart, TRE, and Bus schedules. I believe this can be achieved in Irving, TX. The city I call home.

2. I need to be able to pay staff a monetary amount that will allow me to attract top attorneys, support staff and keep them!

3. I need for us to be able to handle any legal issue that brings the veteran to the clinic. There is nothing worse than having to turn them away.

4. I need to have a volunteer program that is identic to our what our paid staff perform on a daily basis.

This is a living dream so please check back for additions and news…


Organized by

Mindy Moser

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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