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Operation Hammond is a non-profit social medical organization that is dedicated to bringing Emergency Response, First Aid Training and Social Awareness to pop culture/nerd conventions and events across North America.

www.operationhammond.com Tax ID 45-5007706


We are one of the only non profit organization dedicated to helping nerds in times of need. We are growing every day and we need donations to help supply us with vitaly needed equipment, gear and cover operatinal expenses.

Our members and senior staff have the equipment, experience and know-how to effectively deal with medical emergencies, social needs and the unique requirements of those who attend pop culture events and conventions. We are a unique medical first aid, social care and training organization. This means that we are able to carry out first aid and responce duties at pop culture, fan events and conventions at the American Heart Association First Aid level. Our members are trained and able to coordinate medical care and transport for situations and injuries that require ambulance transport to a hospital. Most of our members are EMTs or work in health care, public service and pop culture conventions staffers.

For more information please visit our website or feel free to visit us on facebook.