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CROWDRISE : Jan 10, 2014
Tax ID: 62-1715792
BASED: Jackson, TN, United States

Operation HOPE Neighbor

"Standing In The Gap"

Seventeen years ago, Operation Hope Neighborhood Ministries,inc. started as a faith-based afterschool program and all-day summer camp program. We provided a safe environment for latch-key kids in a neighborhood where most parents work two jobs to make ends meet. While this is still at the core of who we are, Operation Hope Neighborhood Ministries, inc.has become much more over the recent years.


In the past, our ministry has allowed parents to feel a sense of security by knowing their children were not at home alone. The children received a snack and help with homework. They would help run a candy store as a lesson in responsibility and were rewarded with a place to play basketball with friends.


Today, Operation Hope Neighborhood Ministries, Inc no longer functions solely in the realm of aftercare. Monday nights are now spent serving free community-wide meals, sharing hope and love with 250+ people. On Wednesday nights, you can find us out in the neighborhood bringing food and essential items to those who are in need. On Friday nights, we reach out to the at-risk youth in Jackson. By providing a safe place to hang with friends, play basketball, enjoy a meal and a message of encouragement – we make sure each child knows that they are loved.


With just a simple meal and hug, we are able to put smiles on the faces of those struggling to find any real hope or joy in their lives. With your support, we are able to impact the city of Jackson – one person at a time. We realize that we still have a long way to go, but we are ready to stand in the gap for every person we have the privilege of meeting.


With your help, we can not only make 2014 as successful as 2013, but we can also pursue our ultimate goal – to reach even further outward into the areas of the city that have yet to be touched. We cannot do this alone. Because it takes people like YOU who say, “yes,” to make this possible. Will you rise up and stand with us to fight for Jackson? …Will you be the one who says “YES”?

Tax ID: 62-1715792


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