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Operation:I.V. Inc's Fundraiser:

Saving Veteran Lives!

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BENEFITING: Operation I V Inc

EVENT DATE: Nov 30, 2013

Operation:I.V. Inc


Operation:I.V., Inc

Operation:I.V.,Inc is a 501c3 founded by Gold Star Mother Roxann Abrams. She lost her son in Active Duty Military Service to PTSD Suicide in 2009. 

SFC Randy Abrams spent 3 tours in Iraq & was one of the elite within his unit. He survived the battlefield to return home to the USA in June of 2008. In February of 2009, the night before he was to report to Drill Instructor School, Randy had a PTSD flash back while he was sleeping and took his own life. He shot himself in the head.  A Service Dog would have easily saved his life!

Additionally Randy's body wasn't discovered until 33 days later!!!!! He was never reported AWOL or missing by the Army. His unit's response to his mother was that "her son fell through the cracks."  If Randy had a Service Dog he would still be alive today!

Operation:I.V. does not want any other soldier or their family to go through this. We want soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to know that there is effective help available to them, that they can get the treatment that they so desperately need. The first prong of our treatment Plan VIP (outlined below) is a PTSD Service Dog. These dogs have been proven to save Combat Veterans lives. We use shelter and resuce dogs as often as possible. Our program is solving several problems at once! We are helping our Combat Veterans while solving the overcrowding issues of our pet resuces and shelters! 

We cannot provide these Service Dogs for them alone. We are asking you to join us, step up up for our Vets, and donate today. This is how you say thank you to the men and women who serve and keep YOU free!


Veteran Intervention Plan(VIP) 

PTSD Service Dogs
Alternative anxiety reduction treatments (15 options)
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for traumatic brain injury
Individual tallk therapy
Vet-2-Vet Group Therapy
Vip Squad Advisor (Military Buddy)
Educational assistance
Employment assistance
Business Mentoring
And much more, check out our website!!!

As our video explains, our soldiers have given every piece of themselves to protect our freedoms and these Service Dogs are literally a life saver to them! Now it is our turn to be there for them. NO soldier should have to come back from war to become mentally unstable and a ruined life because they served. They served for all of us, let's provide them a safe place to return to when they arrive back to the United States! 

We cannot provide Service Dogs for them without your help!! We, as Americans, need to work together as a team to get them the help they need and deserve! 80% of your tax deductible donation goes towards the actual treatments for soldiers, and 20% for administrative costs of getting that treatment to them. This is quite a contribution, and will allow soldiers to get the help they need. 

The Impact

Each soldier enrolled in our VIP program will get a Service Dog within a few weeks. These dogs literally save their lives. We cannot provide the other transitional services they need if they are not alive. These dogs help them function and are there for them 24 hours a day 7 days a week - something people can't do.
SFC Randy Abams would still be alive today had he had a PTSD Service Dog.These dogs are specially trained to interrupt the flshbacks that lead to Combat Veteran suicides. 


You CAN Help

Donate!!! Your tax deductible donation will help to provide the funding needed t to get these PTSD Combat Veterans the help they need.

We are the Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave!



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