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OPERATION MERRY CHRISTMAS is a tradition I started in 2009. After being downtown Detroit and seeing the plight of all the homeless people, I couldn't just sit there and do nothing. I brainstormed, I people watched, I tried to walk a mile in t he foot steps of a homeless person and when all of this was complete, my tradition was born.

I collect back packs, new and gently used, to fill with everyday necessity items we all take for granted, then distribute them to the homeless on Christmas Day. I walk the streets and hang them out until I have no more. By necessities, I am talking about all the little things we don't think twice about. Like nail clippers for that painful hang nail or Orajel for that throbbing toothache. How about having a horrible cough but no cough drops or what about those painful chapped lips because of the bitter cold weather, but no chapstick to sooth them? Imagine not having deodorant, a toothbrush or tooth paste....imagine painful heart burn tearing through your chest and throat but you don't have any antacids. I couldn't imagine it but thousands live it EVERYDAY. It is plain wrong that so many Americans suffer like this everyday. I want to make a difference.... one filled backpack at a time.

Other items I provide are socks, hats, scarves, gloves. lotion, first aid kits, healthy snacks, water, wet wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizer, disposable razors, dental hygiene items, bars of soap/wash clothes, hand/feet warmers....the list goes on and on!

Why back packs you might ponder? Great question! I have an awesome answer. Many homeless people have to carry their belongings around with them, many do so in trash bags which is awkward not to mention heavy. I give a back pack so they can carry everything they need with them comfortably without having to try to lug around an awful bag that may tear or hide it in their journeys hoping it is still there when they return. It allows them to have what they need with them at all times!

It doesn't take much to give hope to those who live on the streets.

I hope you choose to help me make a difference for so many!



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