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CROWDRISE : Oct 18, 2012
Tax ID: 91-2151249
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Our Mission

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One of the elements that has plagued many jurisdictions that have been affected by large-scale disasters resulting in a high level of casualties (meaning hundreds, if not thousands of people like the situation faced in Haiti) is the ability to respectfully "place to rest" the remains of the victims of a disaster.In response to this difficulty and to provide communities with an alternative to utilizing "mass graves," Operation Noah's Ark (N.G.O) has been gearing up to provide a means to give comfort to the family members of the deceased, allow the love one to be handled in a respectful & dignified manner, and to expand their efforts across the United States and on a global level.

However, they have received assurances from manufacturing companies, and other organizations, that the number of units being donated in the near future to this organization for distribution will be numbering in the thousands. Recent natural and manmade disasters have demonstrated the need for a robust continuity capability at the Federal, State, territorial, tribal, and local levels, as well as within the private sector, in order to ensure the preservation of our form of government under the Constitution and the continuation of essential functions under all conditions.


July 2001 – Present (11 years 4 months) United States

What will it cost this agency? The only costs that will be incurred by an agency would be the costs of transport of the caskets to your storage facility, and the storage facility itself.

What we can use these cremation caskets for? As the organization is a not-for-profit organization and our contractual agreements with the organizations donating items to Operation Noah's Ark, we require the receiving agency to sign an agreement that items donated to them stating that: donated caskets, or other items, must be used solely for the purposes of disaster relief following a Presidential Declared Disaster or recognized mass fatality event. However, the receiving organization can request that additional uses be approved (such as, use for military service personnel service) in the agreement prior to its signing, the delivery of the products, and a legal review will be conducted to ensure that Operation Noah's Ark remains within the scope of their mission and charter.

Can we request assistance/resources from Operation Noah's Ark during a disaster? Any recognized organization can request services/resources from this organization for the purpose of disaster relief. However, due to financial, logistical, and time constraints, aid may not be available at the time of a disaster. 

We are currently working to increase our capabilities, but at this time we are working toward being proactive versus reactive.and the process is too slow for any future disaster response. Due to this cause is from lack of cyber security in 2 known cyber-attacks and lack of funds for reliable computer IT engineering and background checking resulting too, to many losses from these sabatours and an ongoing Investigations behind these senseless obstacles is leading to the need to have more volunteering time from the certified officials to take control to protect the entity Operation Noah's Ark.

Now that you as an agency going to take a proactive or reactive stance in regards to potential disasters?


July 1991 – Present (21 years 4 months) World-Wide

Ensuring that the right leadership, support staff, communications, facilities, infrastructure, and other resources with the right continuity planning and program management are available to support a jurisdiction is critical to the success of emergency management include all levels of government and the private sector—and especially within those that support the “National Continuity Policy, “such things as essential functions, orders of succession, delegations of authority, continuity facilities, continuity communications, vital records management, and human capital.

Tax ID: 91-2151249 •



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Project Peace 2012

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