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Operation Patriot Rally Point

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Operation Patriot Rally Point is just what it say's it is a "Operation" to "Rally" "Patriots" under one banner for one cause.
Who we are? Well we are those who had a party tossing tea in Boston Bay. We are those who braved the winter of valley forge.We are those who forged the founding documents of our country. We are those who fought for the freedoms of the slaves.We are those who fought against Hitler in world war II. We are those who came together when the towers fell on 9/11. You see WE are YOU the American Patriot. WE are WE THE PEOPLE and YOU are US .
What we are not is a business, or a corporation,we are a group of concerned patriots that will no longer be divided but united under one banner for one cause that is to use every tool and safe guarding principle our founding fathers gave us for address of grievance we are at the grass roots level yet are growing at a extremely fast rate. Doing nothing achieves nothing if we are to restore our country it will take a nation to do so YOU are that nation.

Operation Patriot Rally Point Mission Statement

Operation Patriot Rally Point is here to rise to the challenge of confronting a greedy and unjust government and anything that threatens the founding principles of our nation. Operation Patriot Rally Point is not like any other group out there for two reasons.

1. We are not a business or corporation, but instead one of the largest and fastest growing gatherings of patriots to assemble under one banner.

2. No group of patriots this size has been assembled since 1776. Groups such as ours come together when freedoms are threatened by tyrannical leadership.

Our mission is to bring back to the American people hope and a renewed patriotic flame which has been all but extinguished in the United States by the far left agenda undermining the founding principles and concepts of our nation. Our mission is also to unite the various Patriotic groups and build a one umbrella organization for all to network together for one common Goal of the revitalization of the patriotic spirit and the protection of the founding principles and documents of the United States.
The first phase of this mission is to fund the "March for Freedom". This mission will be accomplished by three gentleman dressed as the revolutionary drum and fife trio symbolic of the famous painting by artist ARCHIBALD M. WILLARD. We will be carrying "13 bullets" or petition points from California to Washington D.C. and gathering signatures as we progress from town to town. We would like to have patriots "Rally up!" with us for the Journey to Washington D.C. if they so desire.



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