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Every spring, thousands of students across the country celebrate a rite of passage: Prom.

Established in 2005, Operation PROM provides resources, opportunity and mentoring to students in need. Services are available to children in financial need, those who are homeless, sick, or disabled. School supplies and scholarships are available in addition to our regular donations of Prom dresses and tuxedos.

Operation PROM was originally established to help low-income students attend their Proms by providing free Prom dresses and tuxedo rentals. It has since expanded to include regular donations of clothing and school supplies to students who are sick, homeless or live in shelters and do not have family to assist them.

To date, Operation PROM has helped thousands of students across the U.S. attend their Prom at little or no cost. To request a free Prom dress or tuxedo, students must be recommended by their guidance counselor and meet the requirements such as a severe financial need, and the student should be passing all of their classes.

Our goal is to continue to expand throughout U.S. and increase the number of donations each year.

Operation PROM is partnered with several community organizations, including departments of Social Services, churches, and hospitals.