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Operation Save Our Serving Canines

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Kristyn Ramsey


The goal is to fundraise money to help serving canines of the United States, both in the military as well as those serving for our justice system. These canines are vital to our safety and security. We need to make sure that these dogs are receiving proper protection while on the job and proper care once they retire. Often times dogs on the job are not even provided with Kevlar vests due to unfortunate lack of funding. A Kevlar vest allows a dog to receive protection on the job and could possibly save it's life one day, as canines are typically sent in before human partners. Another issue is what happens to the dogs when they retire. Some dogs get lucky and are able to be cared for by their human partner, however in many cases especially with military canines these dogs receive little to no care after their service and some are even euthanized. This aims to help these serving canines to receive proper care after their service, by finding them homes if need be, providing them with any rehabilitation they may need due to a past injury, and provide them with training if they need some help assimilating into a family household. Through your support I hope to help these dogs receive protection while serving and care after their service. These dogs do a lot to protect us and we need to do the same.



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