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Operation S.E.E.D., Inc. (you can call us OpSEED) stands for Self Empowerment through Education and Development. We provide financial and in-kind support to small, deserving projects and non-profit organizations dedicated to excellence in education. 


We believe that education is the solution to the problems of the world -- or at least many of them. 


We've seen how a lack in educational support can stunt growth, keep people back, and kill dreams. <= We don't want that.


We've also seen how great educational programs can grow confidence, perseverance, and strength to help children and adults meet life's many challenges and create their OWN success. <= We want that!


Through supporting projects and organizations that are doing effective and exciting work in education, we, at Operation S.E.E.D., Inc, help empower people and really hope to solve some of those world problems.


We'd love you to join us in our mission!




Operation S.E.E.D., Inc is a registerd 501(c)3 non-profit organization that grants financial and in-kind support to small NGOs and projects involved in effective and engaging educational programs. Through support of education and learning, we help children, teens, and adults grow inner confidence, perseverance, and strength to meet life's challenges and create their own success.



Twitter: OperationSEED

YouTube: operation seed