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Hey there everyone. I started this organization because I met a girl last year in September, roughly around the time my sophomore year began in high school. I’m from Plano, Texas, and though I may not be the best at giving speeches, though I may not be the best in inspiring people around me to give a few cents out of their pocket, I can tell you I stand behind everything I say one hundred percent; and though my words don’t come from my brain, they come from my heart instead, which indeed might be a good thing.

See, I met her and later, we talked and talked a lot. Back in November-December, she asked me if I liked her more than a friend. I initially told her I didn’t like her as a person; rather I loved her for her life story, the things she had been through. Hell managed to hit her unexpectedly, and she persevered through it unlike many people I’ve known in my life. The more I managed to understand her and know her story, the more I realized how similar it was to the story of my own. I remembered the troubles I went through in the past years, and I remembered the struggles I went through in the years before high school, and how nobody was there to help me or hold my hand or tell me everything was going to be alright. When I realized that she might end up the way I almost did back three years ago, I promised I would always be there to help her, no matter if she needed it, and especially when she needed me the most.

She told me of how her mom left her from a very early age, and that a single, five figure income was what supported her, her dad, and her dad's mom (her grandma), who all had been living together under a single house.

In the recent weeks, most notably in late April, she confided to me that her family was nearing bankruptcy, and that either she or her grandmother might have to get a second job just to put food on the table.

I usually take pride in keeping my friend's secrets - especially her's (although I don't really consider her as a friend); however I felt that if I let her secret out, I could help her even more than keeping it between me and her. I am quietly appealing to the general public to open your hearts; she was able to open mine, and kindly donate the spare change or dollar you might have. I really want to do something special to her to show her I love her a lot, and it would be really nice if I could get public support and raise some awareness.

It's been a while since the recession hit back in 2007; I would remember. My mom lost her job and we were almost hit a bit too hard - if it weren't for her disability benefits and the other benefits that I had recieved, we would've been left homeless. That's why I can say I understand her case, because I've been through it. It's kind of heartbreaking to see that, during this post-recession time of peace and prosperity, that families are having to suffer like hers.

As for my business model (if it should be called a business model), one hundred percent (100%) of whatever money I can raise while go directly to her family, so they can pay off debts on their car and their mortgage on their house. I'll make sure no money is wasted, and I won't put a single dollar in my pocket for administrative fees or whatever until their lives have changed for the better.



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