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THE STORY: is based on the concept of opinions. Although we hate advises, we value opinions. We form it continuously, it changes over time, and it is super critical for both powerful people and common people.

Today, we express opinions in a lot of ways, and at a lot of places. This is not good. There are multiple platforms for expressing opinions. Imagine what it would be like if Wikipedia had multiple pages for the same subject, and each of these pages had different descriptions. Opinova, is the Wikipedia of Opinions. Almost everything will have a page on Opinova, and addition of subjects are controlled so that duplication can be avoided.

Opinova is an online community that people join voluntarily, and enter their thoughts openly or anonymously, without necessarily registering, by choosing tags - green for likes, red for dislikes, and yellow for neutrals. These tags are added up and summarized atop each page for easy analysis. To make things interesting, there would also be latest news with related Opinova pages, and links to famous websites too, so that people may have Opinova as their homepage, and jump to others quickly as and when they desire.

When people enter opinions, Opinova would give them points for their valuable contribution to mankind. These entries are going to form part of an indefinitely long journal, so that people in the future may see how a subject's popularity changed over time, and the effects of various events on the subject's popularity. As I said earlier, users have the opportunity to unite, to connect with others, and have the freedom to choose whether they wish to contribute opinions openly as an activist or anonymously due to the fear of authorities. News media and researchers may use such data from Opinova easily, too. Companies may analyze reasons for their products' failure, or even anticipate more accurate demand for their upcoming product. In short, everyone wins.

I need your support. At the moment, I am financing this out of my own savings. That's not easy when I just have an OK-paying job, and also a small family to feed. I need servers, I need to hire designers and programmers to enhance what I have already built, and I also need supporters. Hope you understand the effect this idea can have on our lives. I shall reward you for your contribution by listing you as one of Opinova's co-Founders, on the Co-Founders' page on I will also give you additional powers based on the size of your contribution.



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