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Opportunity to study for Low Carbon Society For Suhwa Noh

Organized by: Aaron Fitzgerald

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I have big concern of environment and ecosystem and love living creatures. I dream to be the one who dedicates my youth, passion, and capabilities to more people to recognize that climate change has been caused by human activities and go green in their daily life, and decision makers of organizations to appreciate the necessity of low carbon management and adopt low carbon strategies.

Undoubtedly, we trust opinions of authorities on the subject. To affect people to accept the fact and change their behavior and decision making patterns, I am eager to study this field with my sincere heart. I obtained acceptance for admission to a graduate school specialized in Carbon Finance MSc in the University of Edinburgh in Scotland which will begin in this September. For now, it is just my dream, but if you help me for my tuition fee and living expenses, it will become the real for me. Further, I believe this small step will be considerable step for the climate to recover its pristine status eventually.

School: The University of Edinburgh

Course/Program name: MSc Carbon Finance – 1 Year

Course/Program start date: 14/Sep/2015 Course/Program end date: 14/Sep/2016

My motive to study Carbon Finance While working as an intern after graduated from a university, I had felt skeptical to work for a private company and used to question to myself; what do I work for?, is it valuable enough to contribute for my whole life time?

After finishing my internship and pondering my way, my conclusion was to work for something truly valuable for the world and humans. I thought it will be my sound standard to make myself keep going on it even in any difficulty. That is for climate change for which some actions should be urgently taken, otherwise, our future generation would be faced with a total disaster, as well as more and more climate refugees are coming out in this moment as well. I desire to contribute to impede the progress of climate change by not only saving energy and reducing waste of resources in my daily life, but also devoting myself as a professional to entirely get involved in the field. I perceived that recklessly cutting down trees merely means not only devastation of forests but also loss of the source of absorption of greenhouse gases, and from frogs to big animals, from unnamed plants to edible crops, all could be victims of climate change including humans. Once I recognize the vicious circle, I feel grieved at humans' silliness concerning imprudent energy use and absence of recognition about sustainable development. My objectives of study To effectively cope with climate change, I think it is crucial to cultivate individuals and entrepreneurs who can consistently determine to emit less greenhouse gases and allow the drift toward low carbon to permeate the communities.

I would like to concentrate on research of ways to develop low carbon management strategies and persuade decision makers to adopt them. I am eager to play a role in delivering crucial messages and what should be done to the public and entrepreneurs to evoke meaningful changes to tackle climate change.

Further, I found the program I applied to is the very right one for me in the sphere of my interest and concern I would love to develop. My short-term goals within 1 to 5 years are to complete my study on Carbon Finance and obtain a master's and doctor's degree to research further and more profoundly on carbon market. Secondly, my mid-term goal within 5 to 10 years is to have abundant work experience in carbon field to develop my theories built during degree courses and experiment on applications of them to real business world since I believe academic knowledge could be increasingly shedding its light when its fusion takes place of practical and real-world applications. Last, within 10 to 20 years after accumulating sequential experience, I would like to be an instructor or a consultant to enlighten individuals and entrepreneurs about that thinking environment first will be a big step to conserve ourselves, descendants, and the world.

Why am I sure that I can be successful in my study? In the intellectual aspect, I am confident that I am full of inquisitiveness and the spirit of inquiry. I feel sense of satisfaction with appropriate supply of intelligential resources, for I have a craving for intellect. Likewise, I am given energy of my life through such vigorous mental activities. My inquisitive attitude and power of concentration bring me to absorption in areas which fascinate me and self-motivation makes me tread to achieve my goals with my propelling power. I believe my intellectual background and characters will definitely play a key role to complete the course and execute my purpose.

I am dreaming of contributing to turn individuals, companies and countries to be highly concerned with climate change and green economy and ultimately lead global climate to recover its pristine status and this donation would be the first step.

I appreciate all your concern and support, and hope your health and great success in your life. Thank you.


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