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Orange County Society For The Prevention...

Orange County Society For The Preve...
CROWDRISE : Aug 25, 2016
Tax ID: 33-0257357
BASED: Huntington Bch, CA, United States


Mission of the OCSPCA:

The mission of the OCSPCA is to foster the humane treatment of animals through: Education of the public, Financial assistance (to relieve animal suffering), Promotion of the animal/human bond, and Cruelty intervention.

The Orange County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OCSPCA) is a locally based 501 (c)(3) animal welfare organization established in 1984 to serve the community by providing education, cruelty prevention, medical financial assistance, and other innovative programs that promote the animal/human bond. The OCSPCA is entirely supported by public donations and does not receive funding from any government agency or national organization. We are not affiliated with or connected to the ASPCA or any other humane organization.

While some groups run shelters, we decided to form a program based organization whose primary focus became to help reduce the number of animals killed in our shelters every year through spaying and neutering and through keeping the pets in their homes.

Our largest and most utilized program is our financial aid program (Animal Relief Fund aka ARF). ARF allows homeless and low income families to get their pets spayed and neutered via a voucher we issue to them. This program also lets us pledge funds towards veterinary expenses for life-threatening cases such as a pet hit by a car, broken bones, etc.

Some of our other programs include PAWS (pet-assisted therapy dogs), PANDA (PAWS dogs are present during the Orange County District Attorney interview process of children that are victims of sexual assault or abuse to provide comfort), Animal Safe House (we provide temporary shelter for pets of victims of domestic violence), and NO EMPTY BOWLS (pet food pantry). Please find our other programs online at

Tax ID: 33-0257357 •


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