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Orange Free Clinic, Inc.

Community based care. The OCFC provides primary care and prescription assistance to uninsured residents of Orange County, Virginia who are in need. Tax ID 25-1922019


The OCFC stands on a belief that EVERYONE should have access to basic health care services.  We are committed to positively impacting the health of the community we serve.  The vision is to enhance the type of medicals services provided to clients, thereby offering the most dependable health safety net possible where continunity of care is a reality.

The types of illnesses amoung OCFC patients run the gamut, with the most frequently diagnosed diseases being hypertension, diadetes, depression, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

We serve residents of Orange County with no health insurance and  a household income at or 200% below the Federal Poverty Level.  We have over 2,100 registered patients currently.