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Oreo's Story

December of 2011, I became aware of Oreo and that he had been hit by a car. The owners at that time didn't have a way to take him to a vet or any money for the visit. This was the beginning of a frustrating period of time when Oreo became a member of my household when the owners had no place to keep him and borrowed money from me to pay for his surgery.

We took him to the vet, they choose, and his diagnosis was that his hind leg had been fractured when he was hit. This was three weeks after his injury occurred. The surgery was decided upon by his owners even though it was so long after the injury. Originally we were hoping to have this funded by a nonprofit agency dedicated to help injured animals like Oreo. Unfortunately to get the surgery to proceed the vet required that it be guaranteed by a credit card and to retrieve the dog after surgery the credit card was charged by the Veterinary hospital. I was asked to take care of him during the recovery period because the Vet didn't trust the owners to take the proper care of him. This is how Oreo came to live at my house.

The owners took him home after the recovery period only to let him overexert an reinjured the leg by having the pin slip and penetrate the skin. The owners took him to the same Veterinary hospital to repair the damage and charged my credit card without my permission adding measurably to the expenses adding up for Oreo. His owners lost their home and moved several times each time Oreo ended up back at my house. I was also promised that the owners would make some payments to help cover the costs but their situation was always desperate and they had nothing to pay towards Oreo's medical bills or feed costs while he was with me.

Oreo had recurring problems with his leg, the same vet diagnosed it as spider bites. I tried to change to a Vet I was more familiar with, but he refused the case stating it wasn't that and that the other Vet needed to take care of the problem and so I was left only to use the original Vet's services.

This same problem occurred two more times by then even the staff was telling me to take him somewhere else. The dog periodically held up that leg, again this was dismissed by the

vet. After an adoption event, in April 2014, the leg became much worse. He was running a temperature and he was totally holding his leg up. I had him evaluated by three Vets and all of them referred me to an orthopedic specialist.

Dr. Schulman, examined Oreo and his first opinion was to remove the wire that had been placed around his bones and see if the bone had healed. However, upon opening up the leg they found several problems that had resulted from the first surgery and the follow up care by the previous Vet. First they found fibrous scar tissue that had developed because the Original Vet had used suture wire instead of orthopedic wire and the bones had separated only being supported by that fibrous tissue and the so called spider bites were actually from the infection caused by the wire and resulting damages. I felt compelled to have his leg repaired again at my personal expense.

I have spent over $7500 of my own funds to save this wonderful little dog. We are currently waiting to see if this last surgery is 100% successful. However, I am facing a serious financial situation trying to cover these last expenses. Again this surgeon required guaranteed payment before he would proceed with the surgery. I was forced to open a Care Credit account. I am appealing to you and your organization to please help me financially so I can continue to help other dogs in bad situations.if you can help please contact animal medical center of southern california 1310-575-5656 anything will help oreo ,, more x rays are still needed



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