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Organization for Autism Research-Tough Mudder Gulf Coast

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I am running in a tough mudder event for the charity of my choice (OAR) because it hits close to home. When I was a student at Sebring Middle School, I got to experience something than many people never get to. I interned in a class for special needs children and I got to interact with children who have Autism on a daily basis. I grew very attatched to these children and still remember and think about them to this day. Sadly, not many people know enough about Autism to say they clearly understand it. In my opinion, when people don't understand something, they don't like it because they are unfamiliar with it. This is true about Autism too. Everyday people with Autism are discriminated against because others don't understand them or think they are different from everyone else. Having worked with children with Autism myself, I can say that these people are not that different from everyone else. The Organization for Autism Research is a charity that not only devotes the funds raised to scientific and medical research for Autism, but helps those affected by the disorder. They also help bring awareness to Autism and explain what it actually is.  For those of you who do not know what Autism is, here are a few facts:

-Autism is a nuerological disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate and interact socially. 

-There is no know cause for Autism

-Autism occurs in 1 out of every 88 births

-Boys are affected more than girls


For other facts about Autism and to learn about the charity I am running for, please visit the OAR website.


***Business Donations***

Businesses that donate to my fundraiser will be able to use the donation as a tax write off- because the money raised is going to charity! Save your confirmation email that is sent to you upon making a donation, that will serve as your receipt. 

I have set my goal for $2,500 because I believe that is very achievable. It equates to just 100 donations of $25. I have until May 10th to reach my goal. Every donation counts, even if you can only donate $1, those dollars add up! If you are unable to donate but would still like to help, please share my fundraising link with your friends and family and any social media accounts you have. Thank you for your support!

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