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Orion's Journey

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Orion was diagnosed at 2 months old with a brain condition called polymicrogyria. It is a rare condition with no set cause, and his prognosis was open. He is now one-and-a-half years old with some developmental delays. Cognitively he is very alert and communicative. He is also quite funny and really likes getting us to laugh. His challenges right now are in learning to move and control his body and we are hopeful that he will learn to roll over, sit up on his own and learn to crawl and walk. 

A year ago we consulted with his neurologist. When we told him what we were doing for Orion, he said to give him a call if we need any medicine in the future, because that is all he could offer. We aren't looking to treat anything with medicine at this point; We want to empower Orion's mind and body to learn and progress in his own ways and time. We have an incredible team so far who work on this through nutrition, energy work and neuroplasticity. He also receives a number of therapies, which have helped guide us in working with Orion, and also to seek out both funding and items that help us maneuver daily routines like eating, playing, going for walks and bathing.

This fundraiser is to help with the cost of things that lie beyond the scope of insurance and extraneous fundings. We have a major goal and that is for a special hi-lo chair base to use indoors. We have sought funding for this chair base, and should know in the next few weeks whether Orion gets to keep it! We've used it on a trial basis to see if it really is as great as it sounds and it is! Among other benefits, it allows Orion to sit upright but low-to-the-ground so and so experience life and interactions with other kids at a physical height that is developmentally where a child his age would be. Read my full testimony here, if you want. The cost of the chair base is $1,500 and is a priority. It is designed to grow with him for about 5 years.

Other needs include the costs of supplements we give him (and really help him), and a new therapy called the Anat Baniel Method or ABM. Orion has received two lessons so far and we would like to continue them. (Our practitioner is earning her certification and so he's receiving them for free, but we are about to start paying for them.) It's a fascinating practice, with some incredible results. It fits right in with our philosophy that our bodies and brains have an incredible capacity to grow and heal, especially with the right tools and guidance.

"Never underestimate the power of parental love.(...) Their willingness to take a stand for new possibilities for their child as they seek to unlock their child's hidden capabilities takes courage and is inspiring. There's power in this determination and love teaming up with science and skill. It expands the child's opportunities beyond the limits of clinical diagnoses, commonsense reasoning, and past experience. It is often the first step on the pathway to the miraculous." --Anat Baniel



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