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Pico de Orizaba: SFS Climb 2018 Photo

The Story

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About the Climb:

At 18,491 feet, this giant stratovolcano is the third-highest peak in North American, hot on the heels of Denali and Mount Logan. It’s also the highest mountain In Mexico, but don’t be intimidated by its impressive titles—Orizaba is an excellent goal for the aspiring mountaineer. The peak played an important role in the pre-Hispanic Aztec and Totonac cultures, though its first known ascent, by two American soldiers, wasn’t until 1848. Today, the route begins at the Piedra Grande Hut at nearly 14,000 feet, where you’ll acclimatize before making a summit bid. It’s an ideal challenge for those who have a little mountaineering experience and are ready to take the next step towards bigger peaks like Aconcagua and Mount Elbrus.

  • Minimum climbers needed: 4 
  • Pledge Requirement: $4,000 (no registration fee)
  • Skill Level: Beginner 


About Summit for Someone:

Every year, Summit for Someone climbers make it possible for under-resourced youth to participate in wilderness trips—by climbing breathtaking mountains around the world. The vital funding SFS climbers raise creates opportunities for Big City Mountaineers to deliver transformational wilderness mentoring expeditions to urban youth across the country in need of positive adult guidance, all in challenging and restorative environments.

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