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Destiny Center for Destitute (DCD)

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August 31, 2016

The school renovation is on going as we still praying to get this completed before the reopening of school. With your little support can make  See more


EVENT DATE: Aug 31, 2016

Samura Daema Joseph


Guinea is a Francophone country and English is widely taking over the world. About 40 to 50% of the people in Guinea are showing strong interest in learning. The desire for English learning grows every day. Also, there are many children whose parents cannot afford to for their kids to go to school. Some of these kids are under the umbrella of a female headed/single parent. Some are orphans, destitute etc. Struggles and suffering on the majority of ordinary Guineans and refugees from Sierra Leone and Liberia. Poverty plus past rebel wars around neighbouring countries has added to the suffering of innocent children. Emanated from a strong and persistent vision/passion from Joseph Daema Samura, and team in Guinea to reach these kids and build a decent life for them, to rescue and care for children in desperate condition of the poorest and the people in dyer need of help (orphans, street children, vulnerable, etc) destitute of all shapes and sizes. It is as a result of this and many other like-reasons that Joseph Daema Samura and other like-minded individuals have dedicated their time, resources and everything to ensure that the work of creating better life for children is accomplished by whatever means possible for a positive change. And that together with whoever is led and believe can wipe tears in the eyes of kids and bring a gentile smile of hope to these children to help build this unfinished structure. 2 The school is run by a very dedicated and strong team and staff, who maintain order and leadership values for the good outcome of the work. The team has the director of studies, the principal, school supervisor, teachers and founder. Also an attached advisory board that exercises full power for the betterment of the work and all financial matter. 3 The activities and plans are: we cater for a decent education for these under privileged, to build a life of hope in them. We also feed them as some come to school without breakfast and lunch. We also train them after identifying their talents. We make them grow in their different calling in life. Our plans are to raise money to complete the unfinished structure and to be able to feed he kids who come hungry to school.



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