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Orphans in dire need for food, hope and life. Please, help!

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Andreea Raluca


You are more than welcomed to come with me to Spain to help them! I am part-time volunteer. Besides that, I always search for a rescue regarding orphans. 90% of my monthly savings are put in them and I have helped many by now but I need to create a better world for them. It is heartbreaking how many orphans are on the streets and fosters in Spain. I often bring myself to tears after I help them in their establishment. Help me make a step for them and being able to build them a proper bathroom, a proper sanitary place and after that to support them more. I am a freelancer, I make a fairly amount of money but I cannot cover all the supplies for their food,needs or my trip to Spain in September because I live in Romania and I have a few people there to help me out with them. I help them remotely every month but 4 times a year I go there and I help them by listening, raising their moral, everything they need and they are currently very sick due to the heat these months and the miserable conditions and no one wants to get near them, I have to go there in person and help them with vaccines because 2 of them already died from the infestation! I have plans for them, I want to move there for a while and find a way. They are childern and they deserve everything, they are poor souls throwed away at birth. This is happening and please help us! Avila needs you, I discovered them back in 2012 when I was on a trip and they were on the streets but I helped them since then but I cannot afford to build them a proper sanitary room, to vaccinate all of them and I cannot afford all the costs while I will be there. Please, help as much as you can, they are very sick and I plan on moving them to a bigger city , but that takes time in finding a foster home or orphanage but for now they are struggling to live and the cold season will come... They are children, they need to have a future when no one helps them but me and a poor woman and her husband there. It is hard for them, 21 souls and every time I go there they are crying for help, shaking and desperate, there are 140 people in that village and these children were dumped from bigger cities, it is like a children dumpster. This is very disturbing! I want to make a future for them and I will, they are like my children, I work hard every day but they are dying and I cannot cover everything anymore... Please help, I am crying for help for their lives, any of you who can give them a hope, don't abandon us because I am taking care of them.



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