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February 06, 2012

Got organs? In the long run (or walk), organ donation saves lives. If you don't make the finish, please donate your organs!  See more



Use the orange DONATE button or JOIN THE TEAM and create your own fundraising page to share with family and friends.

Since 1996, ORU has won the children's centipede division (ORU is the only children's centipede!). With a 3 foot eyeball at the head and a four foot heart at the tail, the  Kiddie Pede has delivered the organ donation message to thousands.

Founded in 1996, Organs R Us (ORU), has generated $25 million of publicity promoting the need for organ donors.  Through participation in athletic events selected for maximum publicity and fun, participants showcase their fitness proving that organ transplantation saves lives.

Pledge your support for 125,000 Americans waiting for organs. Twenty die each day before a donor is found. Since communicating a desire to donate will allow grieving relatives to make an informed decision, ORU encourages family discussions, not about death, but about offering a lifesaving gift.


Wishing you healthy organs!


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