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CROWDRISE : May 08, 2013
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Children of Incarcerated Parents

There are at least 21,000 children in North Carolina with a parent (and in some cases, two parents) in prison. Who are these children? Where are they? Who's caring for them? How are they doing - in school, mental and physical health wise, in life in general?


Our Children's Place (OCP) is a private nonprofit agency committed to the children of incarcerated parents. We strive to be the leading North Carolina advocate and educational resource focused on these children and the need for a statewide response to ensure their well-being. Our long-term goal is the creation of a residential facility that will allow young children to live with their mothers who are serving sentences for non-violent offenses. 


Our Children’s Place focuses on the following in order to help our communities figure out how to best support these children:


• Educate and Raise Awareness; for example, we presented a workshop at the Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina Summit in March.

• Connect organizations and individuals who are interested in this issue; for example, we introduced the folks at Chatham County Together! and the Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate Program so they could talk about a workshop for parents.

• Advocate for increased opportunities for children to connect with their parents (Skype, letter writing, visitation); for example, we've coordinated two Parent Days at the Orange Correctional Center in Hillsborough.


We also seek out information from other states and share with folks across North Carolina and are interested in seeing enhanced data collection so we have a better sense of how many children there are.


What will my donation do?

• Provide continued support for what's listed above.

• Allow us to "continue the conversation" across the state. Children of incarcerated parents are too often overlooked, vulnerable, and without a voice.

• Provide us the opportunity to identify and create some partnerships that will allow us to provide direct services to these children.


We welcome your thoughts and questions.


Thank you for your interest and your investment!


Tax ID: 75-3151152 •


"What About the Children?"

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