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Our Children's Trust (OCT) is leading a global campaign to elevate the voice of youth to secure the legal right to a stable climate and healthy atmoshpere on behalf of all present and future generations.  These brave youth are asking their governments to adopt science-based climate recovery efforts before it is too late to address climate change.


As with the groundbreaking civil rights and marriage litigation, the courts are a powerful forum to move government past political inertia to protecting the public interest. Today, climate is arguably the most pressing environmental and human rights issue we (and particularly the youngest generation) face.  OCT coordinates litigation across the country and around the globe on behalf of the youngest generation, asking courts to compel governments to take meaningful climate action based on sound science rather than politics.


For a sense of these youth's deep commitment to climate justice, meet some of the youth involved in our efforts in the short film to the left of this page. (To see the rest of the films see These young climate leaders are representing an entire generation in court, in executive agencies, and in their home communities. Please support their work. They can't vote, yet they have the most to lose if we don't reverse climate change.  We are a lean organization...even a small donation goes a long way.  Thank you for your support!!