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Our Dog Just Passed On May 5th ~ Many Vet Bills

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EVENT DATE: May 09, 2013

Valiretha Davis


Asking for help is very out of character for me; I am the one who is usually helping others. I never borrow or ask for favors unless it is an extreme emergency & only I have no other option.

My dog passed away VERY unexpectedly on Sunday night, May 5th, at United Emergency Animal Clinic on Thornwood Dr. near Oakridge Mall in San Jose. ~ This is such an unreal, extremely sad time. He was like family and was a service/companion animal.

I am now financially wiped out. I have just paid the a vet at a clinic & a vet at a hospital all of my disability income from Social Security that I received for May & also what I had saved up in the last few months in the hopes of celebrating my birthday -- my income has gone for my dog's vet visit on May 3rd & medical exam, his medicine, pain killers -- then later 1 visit to the hospital, plus later taking him back again to admit him to the hospital on May 5th and the cremation services.

The ' Care Credit ' that I had for making monthly payments could not be increased, so I had no other option but to pay all of May's income for his bills to the vet; I won't be receiving another disability payment from SSA until June.

If you would like the info for verifying what I have written, I have no problem with it at all ... you can see the bills or call the vet hospital.

Due to my dog's passing, I now do not have enough finances to pay the rest of May's bills (PG&E, home phone, life insurance, groceries, etc.)... this is going be a loooong month in more ways than one.

Any amount of assistance would be so very much appreciated and is hugely needed so that there are no interruptions in my monthly bills which can jeopardize my electricity and phone being disconnected.

I have had very many accidents that have caused me to be unable to work which is why I am eligible for SSA disability of $865 per month. My most recent accident was last year.

I also have several health problems including heart, asthma, insomnia, depression & the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that developed when I was a victim of domestic violence for many years while being forces to live homeless in a truck on the street.

My dog was very comforting to me and made me feel secure and protected. He was so full of life and entertained me, kept me laughing even when I didn't really feel like, I do not have that anymore.

My mom (who is no longer with me) was a church Pastor who taught me about loving & helping people when I was only 9 years old; losing my dog this close to Mother's Day will be an annual thing to not look forward to.

I have given over 30 years of my life performing various types of volunteer work for the needy and the hurting; I am truly believing that in this time of deep sorrow, others who have a good heart as I do, will be able to help my heart in the service that I have given to the many others over the years and help this to be a "what goes around, comes around" situation for me because I have paid it forward many times over.

I will be picking up my doggie, who's name was Clinton soon in his new little container that will have his cremated remains, this is really going to be tough after having him for several years but I know that God will see me through as He has before ~ thanks you all so very much.



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