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We at Our World Global Foundation have already fed Iron fortified rice, including when possible seeds, fruit, and vegetables to 4000 children since May 2012.  We have gone twice to the Philippines once in April threw May for 5 weeks and this past time end of June to first week of August.  We got to really understand the situations that effects children there in the Cagayan Valley.  Your hearts melting with the overwhelm of “what can we really do to make an impact”.  Below is what we believe can make a difference to the lives of children and impact the communities in a whole.

We have been to visit numerous times to the orphanage RSCC in Solana, Cagayan where I was shocked in disbelief and yet understanding that they need support from other Non-profits to make these children become sustainable.  

We wondered how do these beautiful children become orphans?  Is it from lack of community sustainability, education, Poverty?  The answer is YES. This is what we observed that were the underlying reasons for these children to put in the orphanage other than abuse.  

So the solution, we are doing is developing a community outreach programs to the poorest sectors of Fisher Folks and Indigenous people for sex education, financial education and business education with the help of Department of Social Welfare, National Nutritional Council, Bureau of Fisher and Aquatic Resources, and CAVPET NGO in Cagayan Valley.  

We have also started the process of building and licensing a orphanage for older children and safe house for the victims of Human Trafficking.  In conjunction with TSA we will be able to help the children that are victims of Human Trafficking to be brought to the USA and be adopted here to a loving family.  The older orphans will be educated to become entrepreneurs in the schooling giving by our foundation.  

This is a huge task and we need your support.   Please donate anything will help. 

Thank you and G-d Bless