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CROWDRISE : Nov 12, 2010
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BASED: Boulder, CO, United States



Enhance Quality of Life

Outdoor Mindset enhances quality of life for people affected by neurological challenges by uniting and empowering our members through a common passion for the outdoors

Outdoor Mindset is a nonprofit organization that enhances quality of life for people affected by neurological challenges by uniting and empowering our members through a common passion for the outdoors. Our focus on relationships and the outdoors encourages people to change their perceptions of diagnosis from limitation to opportunity. If you have been affected by a neurological challenge & have a passion for the outdoors; join Outdoor Mindset now at

In 2009, thirteen individuals came together inspired by a mutual friend’s determination to make something good come from a recent diagnosis of a brain tumor. Everyone shared a link to a neurological challenge (brain tumors,
aneurysms, epilepsy, etc.). Their experiences ranged from personal diagnosis to supporting diagnosed family members and friends. The group also shared a passion for the outdoors, along with an unyielding enthusiasm for life. These commonalities inspired the idea of Outdoor Mindset. Now, the connections we make between others broaden the story.

Membership is available for anyone that shares our passion for the outdoors and has been affected by a neurological challenge (including diagnosed individuals and their supporters). Joining Outdoor Mindset allows members to participate in our programs, gain access to special events, participate in exclusive giveaways, access
member discounts & perks, and more.

• OM Connect
The Outdoor Mindset Connect Program connects members facing a neurological challenge (Travelers) with someone who has experience with a similar diagnosis and shares a common passion for the outdoors (Guides). These one-on-one relationships inspire hope, instill passion for maintaining outdoor lives and
enable our Travelers to receive support from someone uniquely familiar with their experience. 
• OM Meetups
We promote, encourage and support outdoor meet-up groups within our membership to strengthen connections, inspire members to get outside…and to have a good time.

● Social connections positively influence health. 
Information is helpful; however, according to researchers and healthcare providers, personally connecting with others has significant positive impact on patient health.
● We all know someone who has faced a neurological challenge. Over 600 neurological disorders exist! Each year in the United States:
○ Over 100,000 people are diagnosed with a primary or me to maintain a positive outlook metastatic brain tumor. 
○ 181,000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy
○ 10,400 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)
○ 50,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
○ 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury
● Getting outdoors and being active helps too.
Exposure to the natural environment of the outdoors directly correlates to improved neuropsychological function and behavioral attitudes toward managing challenges in diagnosis. Research has shown physical activity to be a significant factor in improving quality of life indicators among neurologically diagnosed individuals.

Tax ID: 27-2359005 •


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