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If you have met someone from South Sudan, you have been touched by their infectiously gracious and beautiful spirits. The Southern Sudanese are a people whose history is full of pain and defeat, but, also, incredible hope and perseverance as they dive into their future as a new country. They are passionate about their homeland and bringing education to their youngest generations. That passion has rubbed off on us and as a result Outreach Africa was born!

Outreach Africa, Inc. is a 100% volunteer based non-profit that tirelessly works to bring education opportunities to the children of South Sudan. By working hand in hand with Lost Boys and Girls in our local community (Who are the Lost Boys and Girls?), we have our hands on the pulse of critical and hugely influential educational needs of a special group of Southern Sudanese children. These children are the relatives of local Lost Boys and Girls. They are not only nameless faces that cry out to us, but ones who each carry their own unique story, losses, goals and dreams. We know their names, their lives, and what they face on an individual level and CANNOT turn away.

Over the past four Outreach Africa has worked with sponsors to keep over 130 children who would otherwise be living in refuggee camps in boarding school programs. We are now excitedly watching as these children begin to graduate from highschool, many moving on to post-secondary education opportunities. Life in a refuggee camp offers little hope for anything most of us would call a future. Food is scarce at best, day to day life can be dangerous, and all roads lead to a continued cycle of extreme poverty. However, once given the opportunity to go to school these children have a steady source of nutritious food, a safe place to sleep and grow, and - most importantly - hope.

Join us as we make a life-changing impact on these children! Here the stories! Get to know the faces! You will be part of something that will remain in your heart forever.