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Outside the Box is a provider of day and employment services to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  When an individual with a disability reaches the age of 22, they automatically "age out" of the Indiana high school system.  Overnight they go from having a set schedule Monday through Friday, to having nothing to do.  This creates a significant burden for the families as well, as they are often the ones caring for these individuals.  Often times, parents or caregivers will have to take less hours at work or quit altogether to meet the needs of the individual. 

That's where OTB comes in!  In June of 2008, Outside the Box began with an idea of approaching day services a little differently.  Instead of everyone in one big room, why not peer match the individuals into smaller groups so they can get more out of their day services program.  Instead of them sitting around doing menial tasks, why not further their independence so that they might one day be employable.   It began in a tiny, borrowed conference room with two part-time staff and four participants.  Today, OTB has a building of over 13,000 square feet, nearly 40 full time staff and around 180 participants.  Each group consists of 8 or fewer participants with 2 staff in each group.  This 4:1 ratio is just one factor that sets OTB apart from so many other day services programs

To couple our mission of empowering and fostering indpendence, OTB also has a separate department dedicated soley to educating, locating, and securing long-term employment for our participants. Check out our E-3 campaign to learn more!